About the artist

«Each work takes shape like a new adventure that I refuse to plan in advance. Nature, represented in each of my paintings, is a symbol of self-expression, freedom and symbiosis. »

Business degree graduate, self-taught artist and passionate about nature, it was in the midst of a pandemic that I rediscovered my passion for art. This enforced break allowed me to redirect my energies towards what seemed closest to my deepest essence, my true nature. Having worked in the business world for several years, I found in art the honesty, simplicity and freedom of expression that I so missed in the corporate world. In order to distance myself as much as possible from this world, I'm allergic to anything restrictive and linear. I love the spontaneity of creating according to the emotion that inhabits me, and abstract art allows me to follow my instinct and intuition without any restraints. They are, in my opinion, the best guides.

Previously a fan of black-and-white realism, I've now explored a variety of mediums that I like to revisit from time to time, depending on my mood. I love working with acrylics and mixed media, but the one I'm particularly drawn to is alcohol ink. The vibrancy of its colors is truly unique and its rapid drying time allows me to explore my work with contentment. When I create with it, I feel free to see each canvas as a new adventure that I refuse to plan in advance. The subjects represented in each of my works symbolize freedom of expression, balance and the symbiosis of nature. My purpose as an artist is to challenge the viewer. To offer them an opportunity to stop, breathe and take the audience on a journey through the many colorful worlds I propose. If my paintings appeal to his or her imagination, a connection is established and art takes on its full meaning.

Today, I'm proud to say that my work is sold throughout Canada and the United States. I've exhibited in several art galleries in Old Montreal and have a loyal community following through my various social media channels. In addition, I'm also an art teacher and happily give many creative workshops at Deserres locations and independently across Quebec. But above all, what I'm most proud of is having succeeded in creating my own happiness and having the chance to share it in each of my works.